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About us

Old Country Jerky was first established on the small Taiwanese island of Kinmen over 50 years ago. Our jerky is handmade in small batches from slicing, marinating, drying, and packaging with the highest quality ingredients at our USDA (#47379) inspected plant.
Old Country Jerky uses ancient Taiwanese meat preservation and preparation technique. Oriental spices is used in its recipe to create mouth-watering and highly addictive snacks.
In Kinmen Island of Taiwan, Old Country Jerky has becoming a favorite edible gift to hand out to friends and relatives during festive holidays. During Chinese New Year, customers will wait in line for hours outside our stores before they open so they can get their hands on the freshest,  limited supply of Old Country Jerky.
Our products are still made in the traditional way by hand, just like they were done generations ago.
We are proud to offer our Taiwanese beef jerky to our customers, and hope to expand our offerings in the future.